The Bourgeoisie

Originally, the title for this project was “The Scarcity of Aristocrats”.  The synopsis is about a family trying to pretend and imposing family of the aristocrats blending their way into this level in the hierarchy. They succeeded and the man of the family is happy with the achievement but not the family members. The family members were not sharing that sense of triumph of the head. They were helpless and in dilemma. They were worried they would be exposed as fraud and imposter anytime soon as they continue to rally behind the leader who relentlessly pursuing the highest status.


I got Emmy to look at the idea frame of this project. She got her friend to look at it and she came back with another perspective. Historically, an aristocrat primarily consisted of an influential aristocratic class, privileged by birth, and often by wealth, land, and property. That means if you have none of those, you are not an aristocrat. Deep down within that purest heart, no matter how good they were in pretending, they are still a bourgeois. I thought it is a great idea to view the whole story from a bourgeoisie point of view. After all, this is who they are.

While aristocrats entitlement is somewhat the goal, the bourgeois family work very hard to get closer and closer to their goal. This is where I realized, my admiration towards the bourgeois started to root in. These are the people who make things happen. They were not whining about their birthright and complain, they just find the way around it and move on. It might begin with pretending, but as time goes by I am very sure it is all about learning.


The team of TBL Project is a passionate bunch. To me, we are all bourgeois working very hard to attain our “aristocracy”. Some of us might not be here for the next project, or if there ever be one, but we are sure we are a ladder step higher before we start.

It’s about time we need to stop talking about the idea and start making it happen. The bourgeois would like to meet the other passionate bourgeois out there. We would like to talk to you, get to know you and what you love to do because this is just the beginning. The bourgeoisie meeting is here. Book your place.

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